Market Actives, LLC

Market Actives LLC, is a national ingredient marketing and distribution business. Our work saves lives, enhances products and protects brands. We do this by marketing unique products from distinguished companies. Our core product lines focus on ingredients for consumer and industrial products.

Bitrex® Bitterant- Saving Lives, Protecting Brands:
Market Actives LLC, is the exclusive Bitrex® marketing and distribution firm in the United Sates. We developed the US market for Bitrex® providing Ingredient Branding services for Johnson Matthey/Macfarlan Smith. Bitrex®, chemically known as Denatonium Benzoate, is added to household, automotive and garden products to protect children and pets from accidental ingestion. A tiny amount of this “bitterant” or “aversive” makes a product taste unpalatable- especially to children. Major brands feature the Bitrex Trademark on their product labels and promote safety in the home.

The Art & Science of Perfumery:
Fragrance Design LLC, develops creative, technical, and regulatory perfumery solutions for national and PL brands. This full service fragrance house creates and manufactures fragrance oils for a wide range of uses with particular expertise in laundry, personal care and air care applications. Two highly experienced and successful perfumers lead a team of veteran evaluators, chemists and technicians. Development and manufacturing is supported with fully integrated procedures and systems in a state-of-the-art facility running Global Directions project software. Fragrance Design LLC, is a member of RIFM and a founding member of the DfE Consortium on Fragrance Ingredients.

Novel Security Solutions:
Stardust Materials LLC, provides anti-counterfeiting and diversion protection technologies for companies and government agencies. Stardust is an R&D company specializing in the development of optically active ceramics for applications in the area of document security and brand protection. Security solutions can include three levels of security protection: overt, covert and forensic.

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