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Post-Crisis Marketing

Improving Your Brand's
Product Safety Story

Rebuilding Your Brand's DNA

No product wants to experience accidental ingestion or product misuse events but sometimes even the best packaging and product design fail to fully mitigate all safety hazards that may arise.

When Bitrex   is built into your product it serves as a last line of defense that protects people even while your product is in use.  

While it is our aim to help brands before there is an accidental exposure incident, we are committed to helping you incorporate this powerful safety feature to improve your product moving forward.  


When there have been safety incidents with a product the job of rebuilding consumer's trust can take time.  Through our industry association partnerships and other consumer educational efforts, Bitrex is an ideal partner to help convey your brand's new product safety story. 

Retailers do their best to ensure that they are providing the newest and best products to their customers but they also don't want additional liability so they look for products that are as safe as possible.  They look favorably on products who openly talk about their product's safety features.

Being responsible for making sure products that are as safe as possible are available to consumers, regulators look for safey improvements such as the inclusion Bitrex to help mitigate against future incidents, 

Regulatory Safety Messaging

Retailer Safety Messaging

Consumer Safety Messaging

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