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Ingredient Branding

Communicating Safety

for People and Brands 

Compelling Product Safety Story

Our mission goes beyond making your product bitter.


The most valuable part of what we do is help you engage in safety measures with regulators, the trade and consumers. Bitrex  captivates people in positive solution-oriented conversations on safety. It’s a powerful story; it’s emotional and it builds trust.

Hundreds of brands use Bitrex in their marketing communications. The Bitrex Logo is on many product labels. Bitrex is featured as a benefit on product sales pages. FAQ’s often feature Bitrex. Corporate Sustainability Reports detail Bitrex use. PR leverages the human interest and relatability of this unique product.



Developing a new product that you want to build Bitrex Safety Technology into the DNA from the start?


Sometimes even the best risk assessments can't account for all potential hazards with a product. Let us help you build a product safety solution for your brand.

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