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Pre-Crisis Marketing


Telling Your Brand's Product Safety Story with Bitrex


Proactive Safety Messaging

Maximizing the impact of your brand's decision to include such a powerful additional safety feature is something to be celebrated.  Including the Bitrex trademark on your product and in your messaging promoting the product provides an additional level of transparency that will further build trust with your consumers. 

By transparently acknowledging that not all risks can be mitigated so your brand has pro-actively added an additional safety measure like the world's most bitter substance who's only job is helping protect children shows that you are designing products in a way that your risk assessments look at all aspects of a product's safety.  This brings an additional level of transparency to your consumer communication and education efforts that recent insight studies have shown is greatly appreciated by consumers.


The partnership that we are able to provide through the Bitrex Certification Program includes tailored marketing, PR and regulatory communications designed to maximize the benefits you receive from this unique safety feature.

From Product Information Sheets, POS documents, Consumer Education campaigns, we bring extensive experience across many product catergories to help you create safety messaging that will resonate with your consumers.

When you are bringing a new product to market, selling the features to your retail partners to get them to carry your product and support your efforts is key, we can tailor custom Bitrex Taste TestKits,  and e-content to take advantage of the retailer's consumer targeting opportunities.

Providing your regulatory agencies with technical documentation supporting the use of Bitrex is helpful,, but to take advantage of the opportunity to highlight your pro-active safety efforts should be considered.  Regulators appreciate pro-active efforts because it means the likelihood o of issues in the future is reduced.

Regulatory Safety Messaging

Retailer Safety Messaging

Consumer Safety Messaging

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