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Bitrex  Safety Technology


Creating Safety

for People and Brands 

Build Safety into your Brand DNA

Bitrex, the bitterest substance known to man, uses this instinct to help brands pro-actively build an additional safety measure into their products to help protect against unintended ingestion.  It is inert, odorless and an effective safety additive at concentrations of ppm.

Children are particularly sensitive to bitter tastes, making Bitrex a natural deterrent to accidental swallowing. Our sensory systems reject bitter flavors due to an inborn and unlearned perception that what is bitter can be poisonous (Reed & Knaapila 2012).


Studies on new-born babies show a distinct reflex reaction to bitter taste, distinctly different from sour taste response, within the first few hours of life. Typically infants and primates immediately and automatically reject bitter stimuli (Reed & Knaapila 2012).

Through the Bitrex Certification process, your Child Safety Innovations are supported by an extensive technical and regulatory support package.

Reed ,R. D & Knaapila, A (2012) Genetics of Taste and Smell: Poisons and Pleasures, Prog Mol Biol Transl Sci, 2010 (94) 213-240

We are able to provide technical support at all phases of the process, from which preparation is the best fit for your product to a letter of access for our extensive technical database with all the testing results related to your product.

Bitrex has developed a proprietary testing methodology run through an independent certified sensory testing facility that tests every formula for the minimally aversive level appropriate for your specific product.

As with any other feature of your product the regulatory agencies that are responsible for your product's category are going to want supporting documentation.  Through the Bitrex Certification Process we provide all the documents you require for this process.







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