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Protecting Brands

Saving Lives 

A New Safety Chapter

Safety it one of the top consumer concerns after product performance.  Bitrex   works with brands to help them enhance their Product Safety Story with Bitrex Safety Technology.

It is a basic human instinct to protect our children while they inquisitively explore. Bitrex helps brands demonstrate their commitment to helping parents with this important job to help keep kids safe.

When a brand is transparent and takes the time to make sure that consumers are educated and empowered with that knowledge, it increases their trust in the brand because they feel that brand really cares about them and their families.  


We help our brand partners authentically connect with their end consumers through safety education and co-branding opportunities to enhance their brand’s Product Safety story.

Let’s create a new chapter in your brand’s Product Safety Story today.


Bitrex Safety

How does "The World’s Most Bitter Substance   " help you prevent accidental poisionings?



Bitrex Safety Technology is a unique and credible product feature that becomes part of your brand's safety DNA.

We Serve

Product safety needs can differ but Bitrex is a safety solution that can work across many industries.

Why Us?

As The Bitrex Experts with 25 years of experience with innovative and creative contributions, we are committed to leadership in Ingredient Branding, Marketing, and Technical/ Regulatory Asset Development with our partner companies brands.


Saving lives and helping brands drive sales with safety as a core product attribute. 

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