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58 years of making US product safety bitter!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Bitrex® is celebrating 58 years of bitter contribution to product safety in the United States. Bitrex itself is 62 years old, but it became registered in the US today, Oct 2nd 1962. From the accidental discovery of the world’s most bitter substance to being a trusted safety technology used by hundreds of brands, protecting thousands of products, and helping keep children, families and pets safe has been quite a journey.

The accomplishments that we are most proud of are:

  • Bitrex Safety Technology is a valued product safety partner that many consumer product brands rely on to help make their products safer.

  • The Bitrex Certification taste test protocols are validated and trusted by product formulators, regulators, and standard setting bodies like ASTM.

  • Our contribution to improved consumer product safety has helped prevent thousands of accidental ingestions.

Looking forward to many more years of making the world bitter for the best reason!

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